Introduction to Greater Eireann

Welcome to, the official page of the Eireannian Government. This website is aimed at giving interesting and useful information about the Empire, such as its history, people, language, and its role in the world. This site is also the leading source on Eireannian government structure and gives more information on how our great nation … Continue reading Introduction to Greater Eireann

Where is this land?

Greater Eireann encompasses large swathes of territory all around the globe, but it is centred in the lush and beautiful lands of Great Britain and Scandinavia. Below is a map of the European holdings of Greater Eireann, which by itself displays some of the history of our state. Greater Eireann first began as a confederation … Continue reading Where is this land?

Visit Greater Eireann

Greater Eireann is the most visited tourist destination in the world. With attractions ranging from pristine wilderness and crystal waters to rich historical monuments and buildings, there are many diverse options for anyone on holiday in our great land. Greater Eireann receives millions of tourists¬†every year, with the majority of them arriving in the¬†months of … Continue reading Visit Greater Eireann

Eireannian Orthodox Christianity

Overview The National Religion of Greater Eireann is Eireannian Orthodox Christianity. Christianity has always been essential to the Eireannian. The first areas of the empire were Christianised only a few decades after Christ's Resurrection, with the Cities of Smyrna and Jerusalem holding some of the oldest churches in Greater Eireann. Out of all denominations, Eireannian … Continue reading Eireannian Orthodox Christianity